Some of our favorite projects.

C.S. Hanover

Discovering and using the knowledge and expertise they already possessed.

C.S. Kyoto

Reinforcing their efforts to grow their community in Japan.

The Bridgton Community Center

Revamping the digital presence of an important community institution.

C.S. Virginia Beach

Building the foundations for an online presence.

C.S. Lincoln

Building a hub for both resources and outreach.

The Antony Tudor Ballet Trust

Revitalizing the online presence of Antony Tudor, a titan of 20th century ballet.


We worked with Jacoby's staff to create a website that showcases their local artist exhibits, and drives workshop engagement.
We worked closely with Team Long Run's 501c(3) building both their brand and dynamic online presence from the ground up.
We developed websites for both their lakefront Real Estate, and Insurance companies.
We provided pro bono services to design Our Task Foundation's website.
Lakefront builders knows that the difference is in the details. We helped them convey that promise through an updated and user-friendly website.
A newly opened storefront - with a well known owner. We worked with Bella to develop a strong mobile website for passerby's, as well as a landing for email campaigns.
MTS is Maine's foremost Title Service company. They had a chance to gain an advantage over their online competition - and took it.
Topsail came to us with a fresh view on Sports Marketing. We helped them get up and running with a modern site to showcase their work with both properties and brands.
Bear Pond Learning was a non-profit looking to share their teaching guides online. We helped them create a platform to effectively do so.
The Second Church of Lincoln NE came to us before launching their latest awareness campaign. They were hoping to attract new members in the area, and needed a website that provided relevant information - in a warm and welcoming style.
The Highest Peak Foundation provides grants/scholarships to a large number of non-profits/groups, but was looking for a way to reach even more. We worked with them to develop a site that both made grant application easy, and promote the work of their beneficiaries.
We worked with the First Church of Fryeburg Maine to develop a website that both showcased the local area's beauty, and service information in a streamlined (and mobile friendly) fashion.
We partnered with the Trickey Pond Environmental Protection Association to help them revamp their site. Lakefront homeowners and community members of Naples Maine needed a more clear path to relevant information.
The First Church of C.S. Knoxville came to us with an outdated web presence, but a desire to be accessible online. We helped them develop a local online presence - effective on all devices.
The First Church of Boca Raton had an outdated site that wasn't attracting, or retaining, visitors. We worked with their board & photographers to create a site that both effectively presented their information, and showed vitality through new imagery.
McSherry's Nursery and Garden Center came to us frustrated by their last website experience. We worked with them to develop a site that was easy to update, and friendly for mobile users.