First Church, Hanover


Greg Franklin, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hanover NH

"For many organizations – large or small - creating and sustaining an effective website is a daunting task… on almost all levels...

Few have the internal capacity to define and manage functions such as concept development, information architecture, copywriting, image selection and site functionality on their own, let alone the technical expertise to stand up and sustain a new web site long term. And so often retaining these skills in today’s marketplace is beyond available budgets, making web development and operation a very frustrating process. That is, until you discover and work with DarkFin Studios and Chaz Wilcoxen."

"Chaz and his team have learned what many in his profession have not – that the development of an effective website is far more dependent on helping client teams to discover and use the knowledge and expertise they already possess, and then partnering with them to engage the messaging and technical expertise needed to enable each client to create a vibrant, unique and "truly rememberable" website.

Our church experienced this first hand, and the continuing level of compliments and questions about “how did you create your website?” has made us aware of just how fortunate we were to be able to partner with DarkFin Studios for this project, and how grateful we are for their continuing counsel and support of this site.

We are delighted to offer an unqualified recommendation for DarkFin Studios to any organization – small or large – looking to develop a compelling, highly functional and successful website."

Greg Franklin, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hanover NH

Greg Franklin, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hanover NH