Websites that build communities.


Discovering and using the knowledge of their organization and supporters to create a cohesive, and effective, online presence.


Christian Science, Kyoto


Helping the C.S. Society of Kyoto, Japan reach out to their community.


Bridgton Community Center


Revamping the digital presence & identity of an important community institution.


Second Church, Lincoln


Helping Second Church, Lincoln, NE build an online hub for their outreach and resources.


First Church, Virginia Beach


Building the foundations for their new online presence.


The Antony Tudor Ballet Trust


Revitalizing the online presence of Antony Tudor, a titan of 20th century ballet.


First Church, Hanover

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We design websites that enable nonprofits, NGOs, and social enterprises to tell their stories, express their value, and build ever-growing support.

Your site isn't just the face of your organization; it's what leads your visitors down the path to interact and engage with you. We use the power of design to help you engage your supporters, while keeping everything easy for you to update & manage.



Building the right website for you means understanding your business and your customers. We start with an in-depth conversation about your goals and your audience to understand what makes your website unique. Your vision lays the foundation for the rest of the project.



We take your input and combine it with the expertise we've gained in working with dozens of other local organizations, developing the basic concepts for the new site. We use the insights you've shared with us about your customers to look at things through their eyes.



Once you're comfortable with the building blocks of the site, we help you clarify the essentials and cut away distractions so you're left with a site that's compelling and effective for your customers. We optimize the site to work great on any device and browser and perform well on search engines and social media.



Once your new website looks great and works well we help you get set up with reliable hosting. We follow up by making personalized tutorials to make sure you are confident in making small changes.

We've had some great clients.


The Second Church of Lincoln NE came to us before launching their latest awareness campaign. They were hoping to attract new members in the area, and needed a website that provided relevant information - in a warm and welcoming style.
We worked with the First Church of Fryeburg Maine to develop a website that both showcased the local area's beauty, and service information in a streamlined (and mobile friendly) fashion.
The First Church of C.S. Knoxville came to us with an outdated web presence, but a desire to be accessible online. We helped them develop a local online presence - effective on all devices.
The First Church of Boca Raton had an outdated site that wasn't attracting, or retaining, visitors. We worked with their board & photographers to create a site that both effectively presented their information, and showed vitality through new imagery.
The C.S. Society of Kyoto is a small community who were interested in connecting with their neighbors and other Christian Scientists traveling in Japan. They hold services in both English and Japanese and have made significant changes to their physical space but lacked a digital presence. They wanted a website that would reinforce their efforts to grow the society in Japan.
The Highest Peak Foundation provides grants/scholarships to a large number of non-profits/groups, but was looking for a way to reach even more. We worked with them to develop a site that both made grant application easy, and promote the work of their beneficiaries.
The Antony Tudor Ballet Trust was created to preserve his legacy, and train the next generation of dancers to perform his work and maintain the integrity and precision Mr. Tudor demanded from himself and his dancers. In 2018, as the Trust transitioned to a new Trustee for the first time in 30 years, we partnered with them to help demonstrate that standard and aesthetic in their digital presence.
We partnered with the Community Center to help them redefine their brand look and language and give them a home online that highlights the importance of their mission.
We worked closely with Team Long Run's 501c(3) building both their brand and dynamic online presence from the ground up.
We partnered with the Trickey Pond Environmental Protection Association to help them revamp their site. Lakefront homeowners and community members of Naples Maine needed a more clear path to relevant information.
We worked with Jacoby's staff to create a website that showcases their local artist exhibits and drives workshop engagement.
McSherry's Nursery and Garden Center came to us frustrated by their last website experience. We worked with them to develop a site that was easy to update, and friendly for mobile users.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Virginia Beach, Virginia
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Redmond, Washington
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Tigard, Oregon
Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hanover, New Hampshire
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Winchester, Massachusetts
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Tacoma, Washington
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Scottsdale, Arizona
          "We found DarkFin Studios to be a very supportive, guiding presence throughout the design process. None of us are website experts and, frankly, had very different views on what the website should look like. Yet they supported our efforts to reach agreement and were readily available with suggestions and answers to our questions. They also tackled the challenge of creating a bi-lingual site with ease.

In the final days before our official launch date, some last-minute edits and glitches needed attention. I was grateful for two conversations with Chaz, who solved the problems right on the spot. The site was up and running on launch day with no problems!

The feedback on the website has been consistently positive -- 'very professional', 'great design', 'easy to navigate.'"

Christian Science, Kyoto

"When we first contacted you, we had a website that we could no longer access or update because essential passwords had been lost. Those who set up the system left notes, but none of us could use them to solve these issues, even working with those providing Internet services, over many months of frustrating phone calls.  What we first appreciated was the joy of working with you.

As one member put it: “He was patient, easy to share questions about the technology and so willing to make changes and shared some wonderful suggestions. Not being very technology savvy, I totally felt comfortable talking with him.”

In no time, you had sorted out necessary issues with the companies involved, redesigned a website more suitable to our needs and capacity to maintain, and stood by us through all the glitches of getting used to a new system. When new technical issues came up, you responded quickly. When the issue involved talking with other technical people, you stood in for us and worked the problem until it was solved. Best of all, you didn’t just fix problems, you taught us how to avoid them in the future or fix them (without dismay) when they arose. You are a gifted teacher. Providing short video clips as backup to your explanations was also a great help.

In addition to working with our Reading Room, you recently helped us overcome difficulties that looked insurmountable to livestream a Christian Science lecture on our church website. The event passed without a hitch. All this to say, thank you sincerely for the help you provided at a time of need – and, especially, for the spirit of friendship and expectancy of good results that always accompanied it."

Sue Holzberlein, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Milford NH

           "We had a website for several years, but felt we needed to upgrade it, when we received a promotional mailing from Darkfin Studios, giving links to sites they had created. Being impressed by their work, we contacted them. They were very responsive in satisfying our inquiries, and helpful in retaining our domain name.

Chaz, the founder of the studio, has a good working relationship with the appropriate departments of our church headquarters in Boston to establish links to the various services and programs they offer. And he was patient in working with us to use the pictures that would accurately portray our location and setting. He also provided a youtube tutorial so we can maintain and make edits to the site.

All-in-all a very positive experience working with Chaz over the last three years, and we’re very happy with the results.

We were able to post a virtual lecture on the website, and received many positive comments about how beautiful the site was from viewers across the country."

Christian Science, Kilmarnock

           "It’s been a pleasure to work with DarkFin Studios in the development of our church website. We’ve received many compliments about our website's design, which is definitely far beyond anything our members could have conceived. In addition to a clean, contemporary look, the website is easy to navigate. It’s also easy to edit, which is great for our church's less-than-expert “webmaster.”

Chaz Wilcoxen has been extremely supportive in helping us keep the website up to date, responding to the need for changes in a highly professional and timely manner. He was particularly helpful during the installation of a live link for an online lecture our church sponsored. We look forward to working with DarkFin in future projects and updates."

Julia Osborne, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Winchester, MA

          "Chaz helped us create a beautiful web site that is welcoming, clear, and easy to navigate. He communicated well, understood what we were trying to accomplish, and worked with us to get everything just right. 

Chaz has a good eye for design as well as the needed technical expertise, and he offered good advice on what would work well. Chaz is friendly, patient, and easy to work with, and our church membership was (and still is!) very happy with our web site."

Barb Brown, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Knoxville, Tennessee

          "We appreciated Chaz's quick understanding of our website needs during our initial session and his enthusiastic problem-solving, creativity and patience in creating a unified look for the website over several months. We're glad we found DarkFin Studios."', 'great design', 'easy to navigate.'"

Gwen and Rose Whitmore, Tigard, Oregon CS Branch

          "DarkFin created a terrific web presence for our church as we have increasingly reached out to connect with newcomers to Christian Science. 

We link our Facebook page to our website and have added photos, a video and updated text to keep things fresh. We have a wonderful partner in Chaz and DarkFin and we appreciate their guidance and assistance."

Mary Jane Winquest, Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska