Put your website
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Revamping the digital presence & identity of an important community institution.


C.S. Kyoto


Helping the C.S. Society of Kyoto, Japan reach out to their community.


The Anthony Tudor Ballet Trust


Revitalizing the online presence of Antony Tudor, a titan of 20th century ballet.


Bridgton Community Center

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Smart design solves problems.

Small businesses and non-profits often end up with websites that aren’t helping them move forward. We’ve developed a strategic process that helps us understand each organization’s objectives, audience, and vision. We are experts in using these insights to bridge the gap between your goals and creative execution. Build a website that lives up to its potential.



Building the right website for you means understanding your business and your customers. We start with an in-depth conversation about your goals and your audience to understand what makes your website unique. Your vision lays the foundation for the rest of the project.



We take your input and combine it with the expertise we've gained in working with dozens of other local organizations, developing the basic concepts for the new site. We use the insights you've shared with us about your customers to look at things through their eyes.



Once you're comfortable with the building blocks of the site, we help you clarify the essentials and cut away distractions so you're left with a site that's compelling and effective for your customers. We optimize the site to work great on any device and browser and perform well on search engines and social media.



Once your new website looks great and works well we help you get set up with reliable hosting. We follow up by making personalized tutorials to make sure you are confident in making small changes.

We've had some great clients.


We worked with Jacoby's staff to create a website that showcases their local artist exhibits and drives workshop engagement.
We worked closely with Team Long Run's 501c(3) building both their brand and dynamic online presence from the ground up.
We developed websites for both their lakefront Real Estate and Insurance companies.
We provided pro bono services to design Our Task Foundation's website.
Lakefront Builders knows that the difference is in the details. We helped them convey that promise through an updated site.
A newly opened storefront - with a well-known owner. We worked with Bella to develop a strong mobile website for passers-by, as well as a landing for email campaigns.
MTS is Maine's leading Title Service company. They had a chance to gain an advantage over their online competition - and took it.
Topsail came to us with a fresh view on Sports Marketing. We helped them get up and running with a modern site to showcase their work with both properties and brands.