Second Church, Lincoln




The Second Church of Lincoln NE came to us before launching their latest awareness campaign. They were hoping to attract new members in the area, and needed a website that provided relevant information - in a warm and welcoming style.

They needed something that was user friendly, and welcoming to both current and potential members. It was important to have a site that made it easy to find service and contact information, FAQS, and the capability to upload audio from past services.


Execution header.

We developed the landing page and other pages around the idea of providing appropriate information to both members, and prospective members.

People familiar with the religion, and people unfamiliar. This led to a comprehensive resources section on their site that people could be funneled to to learn more about the religion, its publications, and other online resources (podcasts, radio programs, videos etc).

"Darkfin created a terrific web presence for our church as we have increasingly reached out to connect with newcomers to Christian Science. We have a wonderful partner in Chaz and Darkfin and we appreciate their guidance and assistance."

Mary Jane Winquest, Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Lincoln, Nebraska