"We do his ballets because we must. Tudor’s work is our conscience."

Mikhail Baryshnikov Artistic Director of American Ballet Theatre



Preserving an artistic legacy.

Antony Tudor was one of the 20th century’s master choreographers, helping evolve ballet from its classical form by bringing it into the human condition and experience. His rigor and dedication to excellence earned him honors and celebration from around the world. Upon his death in 1987, the Antony Tudor Ballet Trust was created to preserve his legacy, and train the next generation of dancers to perform his work and maintain the integrity and precision Mr. Tudor demanded from himself and his dancers. In 2018, as the Trust transitioned to a new Trustee for the first time in 30 years, we partnered with them to help demonstrate that standard and aesthetic in their digital presence.


Simple style, precise execution.

Dance is visual, and the new site puts the focus on imagery. Utilizing the striking photography the Trust has available, it shows the emotional power of Mr. Tudor’s dances directly rather than relying on written descriptions. And it does it all while keeping the target user in mind and prioritizing the information that they’re looking for. Stripping away the unnecessary, it demonstrates an elegant simplicity that hopefully Antony Tudor himself would have loved.