Making the complex simple.



Building a community.

The C.S. Society of Kyoto is a small community who were interested in connecting with their neighbors and other Christian Scientists traveling in Japan. They hold services in both English and Japanese and have made significant changes to their physical space but lacked a digital presence. They wanted a website that would reinforce their efforts to grow the society in Japan.


Designing an approachable online presence.

We partnered with Christian Science Kyoto to make their online presence approachable and unintimidating, with information about their mission and directions on making contact front and center. The content displays equally well on the smart phones of travelers and the desktops and laptops of neighbors. Users can easily find what they're looking for, in English and in Japanese.

The aesthetic is a simple Japanese style that emphasizes balance of information and space, for a clean and efficient look. Images of the society’s exterior show its unique architecture, and interior images demonstrate the sanctuary inside.

Launched Summer 2019,