The Project


Like many non-profits, Our Task relies heavily on their web presence. User-friendly websites can become a tool that effectively showcase an organization's mission, and drive passionate viewers towards becoming involved. Our Task knew that their outdated and expensive website was not effectively conveying their ideals - they needed a change. We were able to pinpoint the major areas of concern on their site. From there we began designing the solution.




Our Task's website, similar to most websites designed more than a few years ago, was far from being mobile friendly. Responsive designs are requisite in the world today and we made a point to design around that. They wanted their new site to be user friendly, easy to find, and responsive. Our Task's site now achieves its objectives while offering the best user experience on every device.

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Design Process

Orienting our website design process around the client's goals is what we do best. Based on client feedback we focused on improving the work flow of their website by removing unnecessary content. We also made sure to provide users with immediate access to volunteer opportunities and options for donating. Incorporating both relevant and eye-catching images is another web design principle we follow. A picture is worth a thousand words. Having streamlined the content, incorporated imagery, and designed around being mobile friendly - Our Task's website now had a very functional and pleasant user experience. 


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The website looks fantastic, and we have received some great feedback from visitors. So, thank you very much for your help! I’ll definitely recommend Dark Fin Studios to our partners.
— Sonja Potjewijd - Managing Director of Our Task